Heroin Overdose Prevention and Education (HOPE)

HOPE was developed by the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office in partnership with law enforcement, public health advocates, and community partners. HOPE offers low-level drug offenders direct engagement with peer recovery coaches, harm reduction resources, and connection to behavioral health services in the community instead of going to jail or being prosecuted. 

Staten Island Drug Treatment Court

Through the mutual efforts of the judge, prosecutor, defense bar, and treatment providers, the Drug Treatment Court uses its authority to address the addiction of eligible offenders in the following ways: seek appropriate treatment, monitor offenders while in treatment, impose graduated sanctions for non-compliance, grant rewards for compliance, and provide recognition to participants when they have successfully completed their programs.

Overdose Response Initiative

ORI involves treating the scene of an overdose like a crime scene, where the NYPD, Investigators, and Assistant District Attorneys gather information about the victim in an effort to trace the evidence back to the dealer that sold them the fatal poison. Since it’s inception, this strategy has led to several major takedowns, and the arrests of dozens of drug dealers across Staten Island.